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Using Class Activities to Assess Mastery

When this feature is enabled, all Class Activities will automatically count towards mastery (building your students’ skylines) by default. For example, if you post a Class Activity that is tagged to standard 3.OA.1, students that score 80% or better on the activity will be classified as having mastered that concept. This means that the block corresponding to 3.OA.1 will fill in on their Skyline and 3.OA.1 will be removed from their Learning Journey.

1. Click on the wheel icon to access your Class Settings. 

The wheel icon is visible on individual class cards and each page once you click into your classroom.

2. Under the Class Settings section on the left side of the page, competency mastery can be enabled or disabled using a toggle.

Toggle to “Yes” to have all Class Activities (CAs) count towards mastery. Toggle to “No” to turn this feature off.

3. Mastery will now be checked off by default on all Class Activities you post. You can un-check mastery to create a Class Activity that has no impact on students’ Skylines.

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