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Production Release: 6.1.1

Navigator 6.1.1 is released to production (24/04/2022).

The main highlighted released items
Navigator Instructor

  1. In Content Builder, Provided support for newly added resource in Sub filter
  2. In Question, Provided Difficulty Level field for all question type based on tenant setting
  3. In Class Activity, Provided support to auto-assign signature assessment once Collection is marked as Completed
  4. In Class Activity, the suggestion pull-up for students will display only from the Course map
  5. In Class Activity, Provided status indicator for Scope and Sequence domain
  6. In Class Activity, Provided support for created Diagnostic assessment for GPF tenant
  7. In Class Activity, Provided activity Title, Icon and competency in Schedule card header


  1. In Study player, Random HTML text are showing up in questions when expression builder is used in the left panel
  2. In Content Builder, the Header is not saved while creating from Comprehension question
  3. Add Exercise label is removed from Content builder

Navigator Learner

  1. In the Study player, Audio is now displayed in the question panel


  1. Not able to complete Comprehensions question – Vivensity
  2. Time spent is not captured while student playing for the first time
  3. SERP – Multiple Choice questions should wrong answers in the summary report

Mission Control

  1. Provided Class progress report same as in Navigator
  2. Provided support to download PDF and CSV files from Class progress report
  3. An individual report is shown with User answer and Correct answer
  4. Introduce new name like “All” in the drill down in Performance


  1. Enhancement: Show more button is provided to show when more competency is tagged
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7865Add Sub filter for Newly added resourceFE
NILE-7918Content Builder: Provide support to add the difficulty level for the questions.FE
NILE-7969Provide support for auto assign the course map assessmentFE
NILE-7960Saving question after Instructions update with audio uploadFE
NILE-7900SERP : Audio directions result in link previewFE
NILE-7859Enhancement the suggestion pull-up to support search course-map, signature-assessments, and signature-collections.FE
NILE-7861Show the indicator of progress of SNS Domain levelFE
NILE-7856Content builder ability to tag the diagnostic assessmentFE
NILE-7852Provide a support to CA to mark as close if it’s not activated alsoFE
NILE-7848CA scheduler add the header of assessment/collection icon, title and competency details.FE
NILE-7860Class setting ability setup the auto assign of the signature assessmentFE
NILE-7858Implement the individual competency based report for CA assessment with support of assign the assessment/collections from course map and signature collection viewFE
NILE-7857Enhancement of current competencies student tabular based report to support CA diagnostic assessmentFE
NILE-7855Class activities ability to filter the diagnostic assessmentFE
NILE-7956Options are not displayed in “Choose Column” button in class settingFE
NILE-7821Not able to complete comprehension question-Vivensity IssueFE
NILE-7813After starting the study player the time spent on the lesson is not displaying on first try.FE
NILE-7958random text and symbols showing up in questions when expression builder is usedFE
NILE-7922Video Embedding issueFE
NILE-7887Sorting Exercise ErrorFE
NILE-7987Gooru-FE: Diagnostic Assessment – Show the appropriate error messageFE
NILE-7980Gooru-FE: Have to restrict the fetch units API for the Unit0 contentFE
NILE-7977Gooru-FE: CA – Assign activity filter icon highlighted incorrectlyFE
NILE-7959Add Exercise label to be removed from Content builderFE
NILE-7843SERP – Multiple choice in the collection summary right now it showing red color selection answer and correct/wrong symbolFE
NILE-6328Add Support to Score and case Sensitive for Serp question typeBE
NILE-7975Provide API to support return all active classes of requested userBE
NILE-7684Profile Baseline update send events to gep -> dap similar to how the events pushed completion of assessment in LJBE
NILE-7983BE: Provide API support to fetch the Datalake statsBE
NILE-7919BE: Provide support to add the metadata reference for the question difficulty levelBE
NILE-7988BE: Provide API support to Fetch the Datalake stats based on tool or contentBE
NILE-7989BE – KAIT : Disable email after changing the passwordBE
NILE-7984BE – Mission Control: Update the logic to calculate total number of studentsBE
NILE-7952BE – KAIT : Trigger user creation and email verification from Signup eventsBE
NILE-7979Exception on content activity api (analytics read api)BE
NILE-7981Prod NPE in struggling competency report API (Mission control)BE
NILE-7923mastery & score not reflecting correctly in the proficiency chartBE
NILE-7973Graph on perf overview doesn’t show students(Qatapultt tenant)BE
NILE-7766Library-UI: Learning-Map – Have to show the collapse view for the dependent competenciesFE
NILE-7740MC-UI: Update the class progress report UI based on navigator AppFE
NILE-7787MC-UI: Implement PDF and CSV download for the class progress report pageFE
NILE-7747MC-UI: Class Progress report – Need to fix the collection / assessment report pageFE
NILE-7921MC-UI: Introduce new menu name as ALL from the drilldown pullupFE
NILE-7968Library-UI: Catalog – Content source not refreshed when switching into librariesFE
NILE-7962Admin-UI: Learning Registry – Grades not cleared from the filterFE
NILE-7953MC-UI: ATC chart shown incorrect performance progress barFE
NILE-7891MC – Class progress report view not showing properlyFE
NILE-7822Admin-UI: Data access add form feedback changes.FE

Known Issues:

Jira Ticket IdTask Summary
NILE-8000When new student does diagnostic by answering the wrong answer or skipping the answer, milestone gap content (Route0) is not generated

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