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Production Release: 6.1.1 Hotfixes 2 Released

Navigator 6.1.1 hotfixes 2 is released to production (11/04/2022). The main highlighted released items

Navigator Instructor

  1. In Classroom, Based on tenant setting Subject card is displayed
  2. In-Class Activity, suggetion content can be auto-assigned from Course map content and good catalog
  3. In Class Setting, provided support to control auto-assign signature assessment
  4. In-Class Activity provided diagnostic report based on student performance
  5. In My Content, the Likert Scale question is provided in tenant-based


  1. In Content builder, Sorting header from comprehension question is saved and able to view on the preview screen

Navigator Learner

  1. In Study Player, students should be able to attend to Likert scale questions with different pattern


  1. In Proficiency, Class Activity Diagnostic is not captured while inspecting competency
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7957Teacher : In the teacher home page as default we should only show the Math Subject card, remove othersFE
NILE-7969Provide support for auto-assign the course map assessmentFE
NILE-7860Class setting ability setup the auto-assign of the signature assessmentFE
NILE-7858Implement the individual competency-based report for CA assessment with the support of assigning the assessment/collections from the course map and signature collection viewFE
NILE-7857Enhancement of current competencies student tabular based report to support CA diagnostic assessmentFE
NILE-7864FE: Provide support to creating Likert Scale questions in the study player and summary reportFE
NILE-7691Content Builder: Provide support to create the Likert Scale question typeFE
NILE-8012Content builder: In an FRQ move setting to the Feeback and Grading sectionFE
NILE-8007Gooru-FE: Class Activities – Incorrect score shown for the diagnostic assessment competency reportFE
NILE-8015FE: Console error in LJFE
NILE-8006Gooru-FE: Proficiency – Missing Diagnostic Assessment details while inspect the competencyFE
NILE-8016Gooru-FE: GPF baseline flow and assessment flow issuesFE
NILE-7999Gooru-FE: Class Activities – Add Data flow shown incorrect timespentFE
NILE-7882[ClassCard] ELA Grades are not displayedFE
NILE-8017Gooru-FE: GPF – SNS Competency status UI issuesFE
NILE-8008Gooru-FE: Class Settings – Diagnostic assessment toggle cache issueFE
NILE-7972Assessment preview does not show correct answers in some assessmentsFE
NILE-7887Sorting Exercise ErrorFE
NILE-8038After adding time spent in Add data column the time set is not displayingFE
NILE-7927Need to Isolate diagnostic assessment on schedule api at class activityBE
NILE-7917Add support for fetch competency and domain on existing api.BE
NILE-7854Provide API support for Class setting to auto assign the CA signature assessmentBE
NILE-7851Provide a support to generate initial skyline for CA if user took the diagnostic assessmentBE
NILE-7850Provide a API support to search the signature assessment / collection by applying the competency filterBE
NILE-7849Provide a API support to search the course map contents by applying the competency filterBE
NILE-7846Provide a API support to tag assessment diagnostic with the validation of associated question should tag with one competency onlyBE
NILE-8014Add support reindex CAP content by idsBE
NILE-7847Search: Enhance the assessment search to filter only diagnostic by default diagnostic assessment should show in any search responseBE
NILE-7672Provide support for new resource/question types.BE
NILE-7991Api not returning player_metadata for sub-questionsBE
NILE-7994Navigator-Core: Add flag to filter the diagnostic assessment from the assessment API.BE
NILE-8018All domain and topics marked as inprogressBE
NILE-8013[Class] Issues in the performance overviewBE
NILE-8011NPE in scope and sequence API for GPFBE

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