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Production Release: 6.1.0 Released

Navigator 6.1.0 is released to production (03/03/2022). The main highlighted released items

  • The left panel is displayed based on Tenant setting, SERP tenant is hidden by default
  • Alternative text is captured in all Image upload fields in Content Builder
  • Unit Progress card and its summary report is displayed for Vivensity tenant-based
  • Audio support is provided on the initial skyline page
  • Minify icon is supported in Question panel where the image is upload
  • The question title is provided in the question panel in the Study player
  • Provided support to change upload file in resource from Content builder
  • Simple HTML new resource type is added in Resource
  • The tag field is provided in content builder
  • Performace option is set as default based on tenant setting, In Demo tenant “Overall Competencies” is displayed as default
  • Provided support to add more options in SERP Multiple Choice question
  • Reroute to incomplete lessons from the last lesson in both Course map and Milestone level
  • Provided Improvements and Bug fixes
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7524Students need to be able to see this information too First and Second Read ReportFE
NILE-7469FE: Add support to list available tools of the userFE
NILE-7776Study Player: Left panel of collection/assessment content listing as tenant configurableFE
NILE-7758Alt text capture for all image uploads in Content BuilderFE
NILE-7803FE – Teacher dashboard report for VivensityFE
NILE-7802FE – Show class summary report card on performance overviewFE
NILE-7705Proficiency Profile Page: UI/UX improvementsFE
NILE-7862Dropdown for displaying Collection/Assessment details to be accessed in Summary reportFE
NILE-7824Question description Panel: On hover show the minify icon and on click of icon open the image in the dialog window. (Similar to handle in the answer panel)FE
NILE-7823Study Player: The title is missing in the description question panel.FE
NILE-7825Allow changing the pdf upload file for the text resource.FE
NILE-7718LU External Content Teacher view not able to preview content.FE
NILE-7689Create a new resource with simple HTML pages supportFE
NILE-7880FE: In content, builder provide support to free-form tagsFE
NILE-6626Done/Delete and Save/Cancel confusion in H5P resource typesFE
NILE-7771Fix the inconsistent competency count display in the ATC view and headerFE
NILE-7840Gooru-FE: Serp multi choice question type allow to add more than two optionsFE
NILE-7734[Improvement] Items to GradeFE
NILE-7391Learning RegistryFE
NILE-7156The issue on Gooru Test tenant – prod: Diagnostic assessment is looping in Gooru Test tenantFE
NILE-7896Username issue in the Class setting pageFE
NILE-7806UI Issue: Content is overlapped in Learning JourneyFE
NILE-7793[Class-Settings] Username is not displayed for a few users.FE
NILE-7894Red bar while getting a summary reportFE
NILE-7828While previewing the collection in the left panel for the resource image is not displayingFE
NILE-7795Red bar while clicking on PO when class have no Subject/FWFE
NILE-7751Admin-API: Add support to fetch tenant config key and tenant audit logBE
NILE-7729Provide API support to fetch the marker by given idBE
NILE-7728Provide API support to update existing markersBE
NILE-7727Provide API support to create new markersBE
NILE-7726Create Design documentation for markers definitionBE
NILE-7725Create a Node JS based infra for markers moduleBE
NILE-7879Provide API support free-form tagging support for resource and question (add new JSON key metadata field)BE
NILE-7817Session-Id Need to return on quizzes eventsBE
NILE-6793Reroute students back to incomplete units after the last lesson in the Course mapBE
NILE-6756Reroute students back to incomplete lessons after the last lesson in the learning journeyBE
NILE-6274LTI: Add Assignment and Grades service APIBE
NILE-7759Push events to event process handler while doing CUD operation for markerBE
NILE-7730Provide API support to list all markersBE
NILE-7853Provide API support to fetch the closed and in progress competencies with domain/topic details in CABE
NILE-7801BE – Class summary report API for SELBE
NILE-7800BE – Activity and Lesson completion tracker implementationBE
NILE-7773Extract details from XAPI event and store to new report table (For vivensity)BE
NILE-7669ML Based Content ClassificationBE
NILE-7881BE: Provide support to auto-suggest the added free-form tagsBE
NILE-7699Create a POC on different datastore host connections.BE
NILE-7692BE: Provide support to create Likert Scale question typeBE
NILE-7698Create a POC on HTML EditorsBE
NILE-7772Provide API support to fetch the ATC view competencies by class context.BE
NILE-7899Added new support to HTML based resource typeBE
NILE-7827DB: Set default values for notification categoryBE
NILE-7777Introduce the new columns in the grade master table to capture get_started_description and display_guideBE
NILE-7819The rubric is not able to delete or remove from OA when the user’s role is a collaboratorBE
NILE-7724Markers Definition ImplementationBE
NILE-7930Parse: Fix the 5xx error in the parse API.BE
NILE-7844Fix Timezone & Tenant NPE for SBMH K12IND.MABE
NILE-7820Diagnostic is taken but not shown in Diagnostic report in PO pageBE
NILE-7811Youtube videos not downloading in prodBE
NILE-7791Time spent in mission control displaying not correctly(Maharastra tenant)BE

Known Issues:

Jira Ticket IdTask Summary
NILE-7935Left panel show/hide should be handled for Offline Activity
NILE-7936Grade Grid should be disabled when viewing Class Competencies
NILE-7812Label needs to change in WPM First or Second Read link
NILE-6626Done/Delete and Save/Cancel confusion in H5P resource types

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