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Production Release: 6.0.9

Navigator 6.0.9 is  released to production (07/02/2022). The main highlighted released items

  • UI improvements on Coming up next card
  • Provided Show score button as default on in DND h5p tool
  • UI improvements in Join Class card
  • Pop up message is displayed from Competency count in class card and clicking on like will redirect to My Proficiency chart
  • Color is updated in all screens of Gooru Navigator
  • UI Improvements in Dashboard
  • Provided back button in all sub question or sub resource type
  • Pretext is removed from content builder when user click on it
  • Next flow on prestudy of course map view
  • Provided bug fixes and UI Improvements
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7744Back Button in the Create new Resource dialog popupFE
NILE-7641FE-Proficiency pageFE
NILE-7715Study Player (Coming Up next card) UI improvementsFE
NILE-7686Pretext should be removed from the content builderFE
NILE-7565Capture missing FE events using parse APIFE
NILE-7723Report issue from CAFE
NILE-7671FE: Provide support for tenant specific User Registration Signup FlowFE
NILE-7763Study Player summary: The play button doesn’t work on reports (recording)FE
NILE-7741Course map view – Reroute / Prestudy observationFE
NILE-7764Sorting is grading incorrectly in the “Additional Resources” course.BE
NILE-7710FE: Provide support to show/hide the H5p DND score button based on the configuration (By default show)FE
NILE-7703Join New Class UI improvementsFE
NILE-7702Class Card: UI improvementsFE
NILE-7609not able to preview vimeo videos added to interactive slidesFE
NILE-7755Fetch subject from class table if subject not passed in request(in Class user competency report API)BE
NILE-7732Add basic header support to class sync processor in ext-roster-sync repoBE
NILE-7754Red bar while clicking on Class setting from Archive classFE
NILE-7752Score is not displaying assessment levelFE
NILE-7716Month is not displaying correctly in Proficiency chartFE
NILE-7714Color Code UpdateFE
NILE-7704Dashboard: UI improvementsFE
NILE-7799BE : Getting Red bar on Create google meet on CABE
NILE-7746BE: Support to remove description filed validation for create question APIBE
NILE-7711BE: Provide support to store the h5p_score_visibility property in player_metadataBE
NILE-7690Provide a backend support to create a HTML based resource typeBE
NILE-7670Provide Support For User Registration Signup Flow for tenant specificBE

Know Issue:

Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7806UI Issue: Content are overlapped in Learning JourneyFE

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