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Production Release: 6.0.8

Navigator 6.0.8 is  released to production (17/01/2022). The main highlighted released items

  • Provided support to capture feedback from Update data from Teacher side
  • Provided respective logo based on Role
  • Provided edit and delete support in add rubic fields
  • Implemented few UI changes in Course map view
  • Pretext is removed from the content builder of all question type
  • Perstudy support is provided in Course map view
  • Provided tenant name in Universal Learner id
  • Default columns is enabled as Students, Destination, Email/Username, Active in class setting page
  • ATC View : Allow clicking on the month to allow picking a month and year (similar to the Month selection in CA).
  • Remix button to be added in External Collection and External Assessment – Teacher Preview
  • CA Usability Improvements and UI fix
  • Provided UI implementation and bug fixes
  • Provided SERP fixes
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7717Fetch subject from class table if subject not passed in request(in Class progress summary report API)BE
NILE-7712FE: Provide support to capture feedback in add data for all the question typesFE
NILE-7708Clicking on the Gooru logo should take the user to the landing page for the userFE
NILE-7707FE: Add support to edit and delete option for rubricFE
NILE-7706Course Map (Learning Journey): UI/UX ImprovementsFE
NILE-7701BE : Return Activity date on My proficiency portfolio view instead of showing created date .BE
NILE-7693While hovering over the play button, It displays as “Missing Translation”FE
NILE-7688After creating the new user, Role and Country are not updated. After refreshing the page Role and Country are updated.FE
NILE-7687Correct Answer column should be hidden from Class Progress reportFE
NILE-7686Pretext should be removed from the content builderFE
NILE-7682headers are still disable while navigating to other classFE
NILE-7678SERP Question type text editsFE
NILE-7677Spelling from a PictureFE
NILE-7676Affixes and comprehensionFE
NILE-7674WPM, Slient Reading etc.. Audio recording question type initial display showing “00:00:00/00:00:00”, ideally denominator should show length of the audioFE
NILE-7673BE: Provide CRU API Support For User App State ManagementBE
NILE-7665Over all percent is not matching in Performance Overview – Dashboard reportBE
NILE-7664Course Map View: Route0 Pre-study rendering support for the milestone view JSON structureFE
NILE-7663Backdrop is missing while opening the “Assessment Report” Dashboard (PO)FE
NILE-7660Don’t show the javascript (client side error) as red bar to end user, show only in the api failure scenarioFE
NILE-7659reb bar while clicking on Show now from Congrats cardFE
NILE-7658Include student score and overall comment(feedback) if questions graded in user dca assessment summary APIBE
NILE-7655The linked accounts under ULD should show tenant nameFE
NILE-7654Default columns enabled should be Students, Destination, Email/Username, ActiveFE
NILE-7653ATC View : Allow clicking on the month to allow picking a month and year (similar to the Month selection in CA).FE
NILE-7652CA Collection types selection usability improvementsFE
NILE-7651Collection/Assessment preview Taxonomy Usability ImprovementsFE
NILE-7650CA Usability ImprovementsFE
NILE-7643[Rubric-Preview] Unable to preview the Teacher Rubric.FE
NILE-7634BE: Provide support to capture the feedback for add dataBE
NILE-7630Drag And Drop Question Answer not showing correctly on reportsFE
NILE-7624ASDP Data ingestion showing the current date and evidence should not show upFE
NILE-7596the label in Create class card is constantFE
NILE-7555Remix button to be added in External Collection and External Assessment – Teacher PreviewFE
NILE-7657Menu Bar Header: ImprovementsFE
NILE-7405H5P Enhancements – Provide support for new resources and XAPI h5p events capturingFE

Known Issue:

Jira Ticket IdTask Summary
NILE-7741Course map view – Rerout0 / Prestudy observation

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