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Production Release: 6.0.7

Navigator 6.0.7 is  released to production (28/12/2021). The main highlighted released items

  • Labels are changed in Class Progress report
  • Implemented Drag and Drop in resource type
  • Initial skyline is skipped based on tenant setting
  • Grade points are provided in update data screen in Class Activity
  • Grade score is provided in Assessment report
  • Correct Answer column is removed for Words Per Min question
  • Question type label is changed based on tenant setting
  • Provided “_” support for user name
  • Provided fix for SERP related issue
  • Implemented UI and bug fixes
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7576Correct answer section hidden for WPM reportFE
NILE-7575After competed the collection, can’ able to see the time spent on CA page, Spent time pop up only showingFE
NILE-7574UI issues in mobile viewFE
NILE-7556Preview evidence – mask should not appear while previewingFE
NILE-7545ON mobile view thic clicking object was not aligned propelyFE
NILE-7542Red bar while applying multiple mail id in Add StudentFE
NILE-7396Implement the workflow to subscribe to the premium tools.FE
NILE-7392LTI: Enhancement of the current data storage for learning registryFE
NILE-7637Comprehension stop event on study player mismatchingFE
NILE-7624ASDP Data ingestion showing the current date and evidence should not show upFE
NILE-7552Expression Builder – Repeated value are displayed while editing expressionFE
NILE-7243Pop up message gets stuck even after page is navigatedFE
NILE-7632Remove unwanted API call on study playerFE
NILE-7629Column In download – Class Progress reportFE
NILE-7627Class Progress Report- issuesFE
NILE-7616FE – Class progress report updates – LUSDFE
NILE-7587Content builder provide support configure the default grade question eval result for WPM, silent reading, phrasesecued and all the gradable question typesFE
NILE-7549FE: Feedback questions should be in application interface languageFE
NILE-7622FE: convert DND from question to resource typeFE
NILE-7615Create a interface to capture the xAPI EventsFE
NILE-7439Study Player FE: Provide support for new h5p resource type for Drag and DropFE
NILE-7376Student UI- LJ – Assessment Report-Not able to scroll downFE
NILE-7023Next card not rendering after done the sig assessmetFE
NILE-7636Reroute initiate profile baseline based on the tenant setting by default it will turn offFE
NILE-7625Score should be empty until teacher grade a question, if settings all offFE
NILE-7586Provide support for consider correct answer without grading at question level settingFE
NILE-7578Observation on External Collection and External AssessmentFE
NILE-7526Summary report – updatesFE
NILE-7495Teacher-Graded CAs – AssessmentFE
NILE-7589student able to access assessments which were assigned on previous day from CAFE
NILE-7614[Support Underscore] Need support “_” in username field.FE
NILE-7600Post h5p tool resources to lrs by lrs-writer repoBE
NILE-7591skyline initial not working properly in prodFE
NILE-7585Below proficiency summary API percentScore returns more digits after decimal point. Need to round off to two digits after decimal pointFE
NILE-7560Some question are skipped in “By Assessment” column – diagnostic reportFE
NILE-7635V4 stats competency API does not return data for teacherBE
NILE-7621[Search] Search not workingFE
NILE-7593Question Types Label ChangesFE
NILE-7592Provide support to tenant config which are the questions types to display for the logged in userBE
NILE-7564Next scroll button is not work for second clickFE
NILE-7563reb bar while clicking on Download all sumbition – EvidenceFE
NILE-7558Red bar while creating course with Reading passageFE
NILE-7623BE: Remove DND question support from question handler and move to resource handler (convert to question to resource type)BE
NILE-7548BE: Feedback questions should be in application interface languageBE

Known Issues:Still competency count is mismatch, due to this below tickets are rejected

Jira Ticket IdTask Summary
NILE-7617[ATC] Competency count mismatch.
NILE-7541Update the version the competency status version from v3 to v4
NILE-7531On the student report for teacher-graded assessments with multiple questions, the user needs to be able to see the score by question, not just as a composite
NILE-7601Report drill down while close
NILE-7577Class progress report competency mastery count mismatch issue
NILE-7517Data Seeding for Competency Stats

Found below issue while testing

Jira Ticket IdTask Summary
NILE-7659reb bar while clicking on Show now from Congrats card

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