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Production Release: 6.0.6

Navigator 6.0.6 is  released to production (26/11/2021). The main highlighted released items

  • Provided download for Skyline of student as pdf
  • Provided loading icn in competency in Class Activity
  • Student is able to view count of first reading and second reading from words per minute question
  • Performance overview score is same in class progress report
  • Implemented confirmation dialog box when closing external collection/external assessment tab
  • Pre-defined instruction is removed from FRQ question report
  • Provided Summary report for Activity belo min proficiency based on tenant setting
  • Provided single scroll for overall percentage and student list in Class Activity
  • Implemented regular Diagnostic report in performance overview page
  • Issue fixed related to Cogitare bugs which is related to Expression builder
  • Feedback window from SCROM stud player in Class Activity page is removed
  • OA description is displayed in OA preview page
  • Provided bug fixed and UI improvements
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7516Average score for individual student shows score but inprogress count is not displayedBE
NILE-7384BE – Update evidence table to store missing metadata for regular diagnosticBE
NILE-7554BE: Add support to get WPM linked question metadata in student SideBE
NILE-7435FE: Summary Report for Activities Below Min ProficiencyFE
NILE-7553Getting red bar in LJ – Student sideFE
NILE-7551Expression Builder – symbol provided is not in create expression fieldFE
NILE-7012Class Activity – From and To DayFE
NILE-7530Pick and Choose – partial score tickFE
NILE-7523FE: Send below key to this APIFE
NILE-7522FE: PO score not correct and Gained/In Progress count not correctFE
NILE-7515FE: Show confirm dialog box while closing the tab for external collection/assessmentFE
NILE-7533Provide Support to download the skyline report as PDFFE
NILE-7528Feedback window to be removedFE
NILE-7497On the FRQ questions, we typed in instructions remove the instructionsFE
NILE-7547Update the class competency API response to add the subject and framework of the class in the context json.BE
NILE-7540NPE in course service on prodBE
NILE-7536Competency drilldown report API return data for one tenant if we pass multiple tenants in request(Mission Control))BE
NILE-7314[Dia-Report] Implement new report.FE
NILE-7527Solution from report pageFE
NILE-7482PO – Class Progress Report – SL gets highlightedFE
NILE-7467not able to see the OA description while teacher previews the OAFE
NILE-7432FE-Teacher : Add single scroll for “Score” and “Student List” in CA avg score pull upFE
NILE-7424while adding OA for single date, it is create for 2 dateFE
NILE-4243Class Activities – UI issuesFE
NILE-7537BE: Enhancement for SERP WPM first and second read Flag APIBE
NILE-7525external collection is done from CA, should remove from dashboard pageBE
NILE-7514BE: Class update API running into errorBE
NILE-7524Students need to be able to see this information too First and Second Read ReportFE
NILE-7532Add loading icon until it loadsFE
NILE-7518BE – custom notificationsBE
NILE-7127Ugam SupportFE

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