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Production Release: 6.0.5

Navigator 6.0.5 is  released to production (12/11/2021). The main highlighted released items

  • Provided Diagnostic count in Class progress report and student progress report
  • Competency description tooltip is displayed where ever competency is provided
  • Domain is displayed in Challenging part based on tenant setting
  • Label is changed as Average score based on tenant setting
  • Proficiency chart is displayed from competency tagged in activity card
  • Collection time spent is displayed correctly in Learning Journey page
  • Mastery is skipped in study player based on tenant setting
  • Provided fix for the SCROM recording issue
  • Implemented UI and bug fixes
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7275[Report] Differentiating Mastery SourceFE
NILE-7491Unable to accept student invite guardian requestBE
NILE-7393IDP: Oauth2 SSO connect provide support to store the access token in navigator session storage.BE
NILE-7504Competency description tool tip issueFE
NILE-7489Show “Domain” label on PO->Learning gaps->pull upFE
NILE-7485Show PO chart Y axis label from tenant settingsFE
NILE-7509FE: Getting Red bar issue on teacher LJ pageFE
NILE-7496FE : Token API calling multiple time on SSPS tenantFE
NILE-7429Load proficiency chart with highlighting selected competency codeFE
NILE-7374Need page refresh after google classroom is setFE
NILE-7493Api getting failed while clicking on Next buttonFE
NILE-7492Collection Time spent issue on Learning JourneyFE
NILE-7494UI Issue – option getting blocked due to “Choose category/discipline above” in create class cardFE
NILE-7479Changes in admin roster APIs(orgs and users) to fetch the data regardless of the classBE
NILE-7477BE – Diagnostic report : Update API to consolidate data for regular and domain diagnosticBE
NILE-7470create a new API of diagnostic drill down report by DomainBE
NILE-7434BE: Summary Report for Activities Below Min ProficiencyBE
NILE-7510BE – allow to study a collection or assessment irrespective of the status doneBE
NILE-7463After doing the “Items-To-Grade” user has to refresh the page to see the score percentage on the “Learning Journey” pageFE
NILE-6788Able to play study player as Teacher while impersonating as StudentFE
NILE-7508My content is displayed whlie login as new student userFE
NILE-7513BE : SCORM Time spent issues in Hip Hop tenantBE
NILE-7498FE : Change the Text on the Proficiency chart portfolio viewFE
NILE-7390Activity data Stream -Learners Proficiency StatusBE

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