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Production Release: 6.0.3

Navigator 6.0.3 is released to production (01/10/2021). The main highlighted released items

  • Unit0 is provided students as a part of study flow
  • New Exploration Guide is updated in Navigator
  • Bug Fix: Mastery is enable in CA when setting is done in Class setting
  • Default Grade  start Level : Independent Study flow is set based on tenant setting
  • Subject card is provided based on tenant setting
  • Multiple student can be added by using mail id of student in Class setting
  • Implemented evidence field is shown based on tenant setting and class setting
  • Provided studnet name in Domain Competency report
  • Zoom access token gets reauthorize after it gets expired
  • Provided Interactive sub filter in Resources
  • Provided notification for techer when assessment is failed twice by student
  • Implemented UI improvements and bug fixes
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7188Getting Red bar while starting the meet with custom URLFE
NILE-7189Unable to create meet in this time 11:15 PM to 12:15 AM time periodFE
NILE-7285Partner API didn’t return data for some data in mission control. And include partner type in partners APIFE
NILE-7296BE: Support to on/off evidence for ClassBE
NILE-7328BE: Provide support to store the IL course default grade levelBE
NILE-7340In CA, Mastery is not enabled for a future dateFE
NILE-7261Mission Control – Competency Mastery count mismatchFE
NILE-5941Publisher & narration save issue on the content builderFE
NILE-7129Upgrade Mattermost UIFE
NILE-7177SL – Student portfolio- Displays a mix of competencies and micro competency codesFE
NILE-7271FE: When Zoom access token expired, we need to call reauthorized the userFE
NILE-7302MC-UI: Have to add support to filter competency drill-down based on subjectsFE
NILE-7236CCU Performance API: Change the API logic to fetch the performance data using nested, to improve the API latency (GTVET)BE
NILE-7264Include is_archived, is_deleted flags, grade name, and subject name in admin roster class APIBE
NILE-7270Create a new API to return user details if we pass multiple usernames or emails in the requestBE
NILE-7291Provide support to group the taxonomy subjectBE
NILE-7292Update the roster sync pulled data counts in the zip_uploads table in one roster DB.BE
NILE-7316Create a new job for gg4l to get district credentials and create tenant (GG4L)BE
NILE-7332Sequence not returning correctly for sub-questions in quizzes APIBE
NILE-7336Struggling competency seems to return same data for all levels in mission controlFE
NILE-6703Add Interactives to Resource searchFE
NILE-7126Content Builder: Show Evidence on/off option on question create/update pagesFE
NILE-7226FE – Study player: Show Evidence option in question-based on player metadata and tenant settingsFE
NILE-7278overall performance issue for a single student and single activityFE
NILE-7284FE – Add Evidence on/off toggle in the Class setting pageFE
NILE-7297FE: Add multiple Students supportFE
NILE-7298FE: Subject cards on Class create should be tenant configurableFE
NILE-7335BG color on time spent gets changes while clicking on the time spent for Collection in CAFE
NILE-7342Time Spent Issue for the Existing record on reports and milestone view at ProdBE
NILE-7186A mismatch between Student competency mastery count shown in PO in teacher app and the count shown in student app (HBCU)BE
NILE-7282Student Locator – Timeline for the previous year has months repeatedBE
NILE-7288Domain Competency Report – Student Card – Student Name doesn’t appearBE
NILE-7299Time spent by a student on an activity inconsistentBE
NILE-7327Independent Study for HBCU tenants (HBCU)FE
NILE-7061Taking time to load the content from the learning journey/course map view (GTVET)BE
NILE-6348In Learning Journey show the google classroom icon on click which will post the assignment to the google classroomFE
NILE-7244FE: On PO make the grade competencies as default viewFE
NILE-7329FE: Skyline initial flow do not show the update location if the default grade-level set for the IL course (HBCU)FE
NILE-7331notification bell icon not workingFE
NILE-7341Exploration Guide UpdateFE
NILE-6980SERP – Underline preview reportFE
NILE-7273FE – Inspect competency should not show domain diagnostic assessment dataFE
NILE-7266Once the teacher grades the OA from LJ, it is not reflecting in the student’s portfolio from prof. chartFE
NILE-7274Unit0 support for location APIsBE
NILE-7198Gooru-FE: Have to add support for unit0 from the learning journey pageFE
NILE-7063A new static milestone ( Unit 0 ) create and show to the student Learning journeyBE
NILE-7267BE – Notification on assessment(CFU) taken twice and the student failsBE
NILE-7338BE – Domain Diagnostic: Persist competencies of the lesson suggestions and skipped contentsBE
NILE-7268BE – Notification to teacher from domain diagnosticBE

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