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Production Release: 6.0.2

Navigator 6.0.2 is  released to production (17/09/2021). The main highlighted released items

  • Provided ownership transfer to Co Teacher in Class Setting page
  • Class setting page is redirected after teacher creates a new class
  • Text message is updated based on tenant setting
  • Enabled Subject card based on tenant setting
  • Provided Archive class with view access
  • Teacher is able to download Evidence files uploaded by students
  • Create Class card is now provided as tenant based setting
  • Provided reaction feedback based on tenant setting
  • Competency is not mandatory for creating Offline Activity
  • Performance is improved in on Unit from student
  • Evidence is removed for SERP question in Study Player
  • Domain Diagnostic is continued on lesson suggestion after end of domain content
  • Implemented UI improvements and bug fixes
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7210Initial Study flow skyline: UI improvements Mobile & DeskstopFE
NILE-7182Class Settings: Co Teacher section add the checkbox (only one value select at a time ) and top header add the apply setting on save owner transfer API should trigger and refresh the containerFE
NILE-7222[Content-Edit] Questions not shown in same order which User has CreatedFE
NILE-7192WPM – score update and configureFE
NILE-7185OA issuesFE
NILE-7161OA submission made from LJ but showing as not startedFE
NILE-7269Just after creating new class user should route to settings page , not to activity pageFE
NILE-7258Message text updateFE
NILE-7229Domain Competency Report – Displaying incorrect competencyFE
NILE-7202content in study player is left aligned when the side-bar is closedFE
NILE-7242— is missing in assessment until teacher grades for the studentFE
NILE-7241Red bar issue in items to grade – SERPFE
NILE-7225FE : Manual Class Create flow – Enable Subject cards based on tenant settingsFE
NILE-7224FE : Manual Class Create flow – Create Subject cards for Math, Science and ELAFE
NILE-7101Viewing Skyline gain (using system prompt) after mastery of CFU brings up mostly blank screenFE
NILE-7165When OA is submitted usage data should return with score as 0 and graded flag as false.BE
NILE-7256PO – Opportunities for Growth – Student count displayed on this card for a competency differs from the details displayed on clicking the competencyBE
NILE-7234Fix the sequence order issue when subquestion associated with main questionBE
NILE-7233Provide API support for update sequence order for sub questionsBE
NILE-7181Provide a API support to change the class ownerBE
NILE-7201Handle Null Lowline for a Domain when the Skyline for a Student is EmptyBE
NILE-7260Tenant level signupBE
NILE-7212Archive classroomFE
NILE-7203LJ & CA: Download all submissions / Evidence at once for offline activityFE
NILE-7249Update Data is not clickable in overall performance in class activityFE
NILE-7013The Remix option is missing when previewing a content from Gooru CatalogFE
NILE-7237Avoid triggering multiple profile API requests for the LJ & course map viewFE
NILE-7204For SERP question types evidence are missing, When the user goes to “Next” or “previous”FE
NILE-7205To change the text for Multiple Choice Question – SERPFE
NILE-7179While updating the score for the “Assessment” in CA -> In Question title it shows the tag <br>FE
NILE-7191Disable play button for archive class in teacher sideFE
NILE-7194activity which is deselected for a student in CA is still showing in dashboard for studentFE
NILE-7195Red Bar while viewing portfolio reportFE
NILE-7208BE: Need to support OA to save without any Competency tagging .BE
NILE-7221include the is_archived flag if it’s class entity in competency drilldown APIBE
NILE-7223Exclude the Secondary Classes from the list for logged in user does not have permissionsBE
NILE-7227Timespent drilldown API returning total user count is 0 if class having users in mission controlBE
NILE-7029When there is no performance it should be ‘–‘ or 0, right now it’s %FE
NILE-7092Not able to fetch course from My Content in Learning Journey pageFE
NILE-7099Student independent study flow updates – add student to class only after the student clicks on Get Directions, not before that?FE
NILE-7113When we remix any course on the Gooru platform and modify any question that is already present in the course, we face a very peculiar issue.FE
NILE-7131Teacher – Class Settings – While setting students’ maths level, have to scroll down to select the level. After a student’s level is selected , the scroll bar goes back up. For the next student, we have to scroll down again.FE
NILE-7168LJ – Assessment score details – in the list view, incorrect question number shows up for 1 studentFE
NILE-7197Performance improvement on Student Unit Performance api.FE
NILE-7199Competency tags cant be removed from the Offline activities. The OA without any tagging cant be savedFE
NILE-7200Update app version in parse eventsFE
NILE-7219[Player] Change the Instruction label for Highlight text question type.FE
NILE-7232Enable reactions in Study player based on tenant settingsFE
NILE-7238FE : Enable Create class card based on tenant settingsFE
NILE-7239BE – Domain Diagnostic: Student should continue on lesson suggestions after end of domain contentBE
NILE-7248Clicking on Overall report from Class Activity getting red badFE

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