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Production Release: 6.0.1

Hi All,

Navigator 6.0.1 is  released to production (02/09/2021). The main highlighted released items

  • Scope and sequence view is set default based on tenant setting
  • Text on summary button is updated as “Next” for SERP tenant
  • Domain code, title, sequence is updated in route0 content
  • Provided partial score in portfolio report
  • Provided first and second reading for words per minute details in report page
  • Show join classroom card and background of study player based on tenant preference
  • Scroll bar is removed from Classroom page and all classes are displayed in same page
  • Provided download link for OA reference
  • Provided labeling in website based on tenant setting
  • Provided bug fixes related to SERP
  • Provided UI fixes for Mobile browser
Jira Ticket IdTask SummaryComponent
NILE-7164Update the lesson count API to consider the lesson suggestions that are added from the domain diagnostic.BE
NILE-7096Update route0 content API to return domain code, title and sequenceBE
NILE-6803BE – Oneroster : Update auto class setup to assign the grade level to the studentsBE
NILE-7077Video – change action “Summary” button to “Next” or “Finish”FE
NILE-7037Mobile UI IssueFE
NILE-7027Can’t able to submit my answer, submit buttom not showing in mobile viewFE
NILE-7183[Count] Competency Count in ATC View.FE
NILE-7167PO – Diagnostic report says 0 students have taken the diagnostic while 17 students took it yesterdayFE
NILE-7157Gooru-FE: Next card issue for course map showing milestone instead of unit name for premium class.FE
NILE-7112Gooru-FE: Show diagnostic report card based on tenant settingsFE
NILE-7108Gooru-FE: SERP- Shows as Unit 1 when the lessons are actually Unit 3 (5?) in Resume Journey in the student dashboardFE
NILE-7166Student – Study Player – In 1 question, students not able to scroll to the right to see the complete option statements. This is happening in both web and mobile app, more prominent in mobile appFE
NILE-7086Show UI elements based on tenant settingsFE
NILE-7132Teacher – Class Settings – Math level isnt appearing for one of the studentsFE
NILE-7104Student classroom page updatesFE
NILE-7102Make Class Activities’ names clickable on dashboardFE
NILE-7097Score not refreshing when we close study player and land back on dashboardFE
NILE-7069After deleting the activity in “CA” it is not allowing me to Add the same activity again. I need to refresh the page, then it is allowing me to add the same Activity.FE
NILE-7172Provide a tenant setting at subject plus framework to set default view of CA sns on / off by default on.FE
NILE-7130NPE in external event in nucleus-data-class-write-handler serviceBE
NILE-7042My Proficiency page need refreshFE
NILE-7151After completing 3 question in diagnostic, study timer is not workingFE
NILE-7150PercentageScore support on performance apis at analyticsFE
NILE-7080Issue with SERPFE
NILE-7054nucleus-auth-gateway :Health check aspi supportBE
NILE-7053nucleus-classification: Health check api supportBE
NILE-7038Admin-api : Health check api supportBE
NILE-7174Teacher count returning as 0 in roster APIs in admin portalBE
NILE-7162Reference files from offline activity, when downloaded are saved in a random nameFE
NILE-7159Read activity ui part not showing in view mode(WPM question type)FE
NILE-7158White labelling for gooru website title based on tenant setting.FE
NILE-7155First and second read count showing LJ report page(WPM question)FE
NILE-7107Archived Class card should be similar to active class and class should be view as read only modeFE
NILE-7106Teacher – Mobile Browser- Class Settings – Under Student Settings , in ‘choose column’ not able to select/de-select any of the fieldsFE
NILE-7098Confetti after student successfully completes an assessment – can we allow the student to click on Next even when the confetti animation is in play?FE
NILE-7094CA Calendar weekly and monthly is not highlightedFE
NILE-7001Comprehension question type — move text size slider from right side to the left side (so text in passage can be enlarged)FE
NILE-7110BE: Add BE support for getting archived class detailsBE
NILE-7103BE: Reminders API Getting 400 error response on prodBE
NILE-7173Partial Score Support on portfolio apis.FE

Know Issue:

Jira Ticket IdKnown Issue’sComponent
NILE-7195Red Bar while viewing portfolio reportFE
NILE-7192WPM – score update and configureFE
NILE-7191Disable play button for archive class in teacher sideFE

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