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Privacy and Student Data

Steps we recommend for keeping your personal information private:

To protect your own privacy, be careful not to display any private or confidential information such as passwords phone numbers, or addresses when sharing content on Gooru. Also, we ask you to respect the personal information and privacy of others that you collaborate with on the site. We recommend you refrain from posting content that displays social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or other sensitive information that is not publicly accessible.

Gooru’s stance on privacy:

We make it a priority to keep the personal information you share with us safe. Here at Gooru, we believe that you own your usage data, and don’t share this with other organizations or people. We also comply with student privacy laws such as COPPA and FERPA.

What does that mean when you’re using Gooru? First, your first and last name do not appear publicly on Gooru. Second, you have full control over who gets to see your profile information.

The only situation in which a student’s data are shared is when they are part of a class. Our stance is that students own their data and can choose with whom they are going to share it. When joining a class for the first time, students agree to share their progress and performance data directly with their teacher.

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