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Importing Learner Data from External Tools

Once you have rostered your users in Navigator, you can at any point in time, import data of your learners from external tools where they may be studying to update their Skyline. The data can include

  • Assessment scores aligned to competencies – you can import scores from assessments from external tools for all your learners. The assessments have to be aligned to competencies so that learner’s proficiency can be updated for those competencies
  • Assessment scores with data about individual questions aligned to competencies – the data can be granular to include data about individual questions in the assessments.
  • Proficiency data for individual competencies – the data can only include the competency and the learner’s proficiency status for the competency

You will need to export your data into a specific template for each of the above scenarios, and share it with us. Once the data is ingested, the learners’ proficiency and portfolio will be updated.

The following are the templates to use

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