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Instructor Training- NL and Apps (Marathi Resources)

Navigated Learning Collaborative founding member GPF implements a systemic change approach for effecting change in learning outcomes. Teacher capability building is an on-going process with an objective of building their ownership in improving the learning processes. 

GPF works with the Government school teachers through a collective process at the cluster level – which is a monthly planning meeting of the teachers. GPF has revived these monthly meetings to become a teacher empowerment platform where teachers in the cluster come together and engage in meaningful, self-driven discussions on improving child learning outcomes. 

GPF has institutionalized these monthly planning meetings in the intervention clusters which has been now scaled across the state by the Education Department. These meetings are called ‘Shikshan Parishad’ in the state.

Following is the trajectory of the orientation sessions over a period of a year, in 5 sessions, with an objective of building capabilities of creating Competency-based plans, conducting assessments, data-based planning using Navigator and collaboration to support other teachers in the cluster. 


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