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Gooru Navigator Getting started guide for Tech Partner

Table of Contents


This guide will show you how to get started leveraging Navigator tools and services including Navigator Developer Portal.

Value proposition
  • Navigator is a platform with a wide reach of 7M+ users across the world 
  • Integrate with the Navigator and offer your premium tools and services to the users
  • Reach independent learners directly with premium tools via the Navigator for Learners app or the parents of these learners via the Guardian app
  • Offer premium tools and services for entire school districts 
  • Integrate Navigator and include it’s curated open catalog in your solution

How to sign up

  1. Sign up using the Tech Partners Sign-Up page
  2. You will then be contacted by the Gooru Team within 48 hours, with the next steps.

How to set up as an LTI tool provider in Navigator

  • Register your tool in the Navigator’s learning catalog

How to set up Navigator as an LTI tool in your product

  • Steps to be added soon

How to translate Navigator into different languages

  1. Checkout resource files for the different languages you want to translate from and
  2. Create translated strings for the keys in the resource files
  3. Raise PR, review and merge

How to create new question types

  1. Understand application architecture & design for question types – involves creating, assessment player, event tracking, analytics, and report components
  2. Create requirements specification for the question type
  3. Download the style guide for FE development
  4. Develop design for the BE and FE components
  5. Submit for review 
  6. Work with Gooru to update the release plan for the question type
  7. Understand the repositories involved
  8. Develop the components and raise PR for the different components in their repositories
  9. Address review feedback
  10. Work with Gooru to merge, deploy and test on staging
  11. Gooru will move to beta to get broader feedback based on the release plan
  12. Ready for production push

How to access Navigator’s catalog

  1. Integrate Navigator’s search API or implement LTI-RS based search into your LMS and give users access to millions of curated content tagged to standards
  2. Embed LTI Deep linking URLs to the Navigator content in your LMS

How to index content into a catalog

  • Option 1
    1. Download content ingestion template
    2. Fill out the template with content urls and associated metadata
    3. Upload filled template to Library using Bulk upload
  • Option 2
    1. Provide a list of domains to crawl
    2. System will notify once the crawling and indexing is complete
    3. Review, update with metadata indexed content and publish

How to integrate using APIs

  1. Request API key and sandbox access
  2. Go through the different integration use cases and examples
  3. Define your use case and identify APIs to integrate with
  4. Build out the integrations and test in your sandbox environment
  5. Request production API key and deploy integration


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