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Gooru Navigator Getting started guide for White-labeled Navigator Platform users

Table of Contents


This guide will help you to get started using our White-labeled Gooru Navigator tools and understand the process involved.

General Use Cases

  • If using existing content you can get started in minutes, simply login to your Gooru Navigator instance and assign existing courses, or create your own
  • If you need to add your own content, we can help you map it out in days and take you through this process (How to import or add content).
  • If you need a custom implementation, we can help you get up and running in as little as 2 weeks. Reach out to your Account Manager to discuss any custom work needed. 

How to Sign-up

  1. Sign up using the Learning Providers Sign Up page
  2. You will then be contacted by the Gooru Team within 48 hours, with the next steps.

How to Manage your Tenancy

  1. Setup
    1. Email and request to download tenant settings template
    2. Fill out the template and share it back with Gooru
    3. Tenancy created and access provided
  2. White label
    1. Upload logo
  3. Manage Disciplines/Frameworks
    1. Define applicable disciplines, subjects and frameworks
  4. Manage other settings
    1. Courses for classes
    2. Scope & Sequence for different subject/grades

How to Set-up SSO

  1. Choose applicable SSO model
  2. Define parameters to configure SSO
  3. If custom SSO, reach out to Gooru, Email

How to Onboard Users

  1. Understand and define students, teachers, admins, parents/guardians roles
  2. Identify the Rostering method
  3. Define parameters to configure Roster sync
  4. Understand classes, enrolments as part of roster sync where applicable
  5. Review tenant settings for courses and classes, if applicable
  6. Enable roster sync
  7. If custom
    • Download template for custom roster sync
    • Upload filled out template of rosters
  8. Verify uploaded rosters

How to Add/update Competency Framework

Follow this link to develop New Competency Frameworks

How to Import or Add Content

Follow this link to create your own course and content

How to create your own course and content

To help you in creating courses and content please review the below video guide and/or the guide document: Content Creation Guide (Fall 2021)

What OER Content is Included

What OER content do we already have mapped out

How to Start Studying

Instructor-led classes

  1. Teachers create a class and assign a subject/framework
  2. Determine initial location/skyline method – diagnostic, standardized test scores, or level
  3. Assign a Navigator course
  4. Add students to the class using email id or share class code for students to join

Independent study

  1. Identify courses available for independent study
  2. Configure and set up course

Navigator Customizations (Optional)

  • For minor upgrades, like changes in font size, changes in user flow, can be done for free by filling in this change request form
  • For major upgrades like the addition of new features, new UI, or apps, a special request needs to be made by sending an email to your Account Manager.


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