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Gooru Navigator Getting started guide for Content Providers

Table of Contents


This guide will help you get started adding or creating content for Gooru Navigator and the various Navigator tools. It will describe how to sign up and get various use cases done.

Value proposition
  • Bring your premium content into Navigator
  • Get access to a large catalog of curated OER resources
  • Offer your users both premium and curated OER content
  • Reach millions of users across disciplines
  • Reach both individual users and institutions

Use cases

  • Import/Add content.
    • Import your catalog into Navigator.
    • Create new content in Navigator.
  • Create new Learning maps.
    • Develop new competency frameworks.
    • Create diagnostic, signature content from your content or leverage OER content for your competency frameworks.
  • Create Navigator lessons.
    • Use your content and OER content to define Navigator lessons for existing or new frameworks.
  • Create Navigator courses.
    • Create different courses from Navigator lessons.
  • Restrict access to premium content.
    • Define who has access to your premium content.
  • Access content metrics.

How to sign up

  1. Sign up using the Content Providers sign up page.
  2. You will then be contacted by the Gooru Team within 48 hours, with the next steps.

How to import or add content

Import bulk content

  1. Email and request to import bulk content. Provide some details and we will provide you with a template for content ingestion.
  2. Define a mapping between your content and Navigator content types.
  3. Fill out the template with metadata and upload it to Gooru Navigator Library.
  4. Review ingested content and update metadata as needed.


  1. Create new content using Gooru Navigator Library.
  2. Create collections, assessments from imported content and/or OER content in the Gooru catalog.

How to create learning maps

Define competency frameworks

  • New competency framework
    1. Email and request to download a competency framework definition template.
    2. Complete that template, including dependency edges, markers, and milestones
    3. Define competency model and upload to Gooru Navigator Library.
    4. Review and update 
  • Crosswalk to an existing competency framework
    1. Choose an existing framework and Email and request to download a crosswalk template
    2. Define the crosswalk and upload to Gooru Navigator Library.
    3. Review and update
  • Define diagnostic
    1. Create diagnostic assessments for newly created framework or crosswalk
  • Create Signature content
    1. Build signature collections and assessments for every competency
  • Publish competency framework
    1. Submit for review
    2. Publish on approval
  • Develop Navigator Lessons
    1. Build collections and assessments for every competency from OER content or your own content
    2. Build a lesson for each competency with collections and/or assessments
    3. Create lessons plans for each lesson as needed
  • Develop Navigator Catalog
    1. Build different learning activities for each competency such as solved examples, practice problems, challenging questions, offline activities, content in different languages etc.
  • Create Navigator courses
    1. Develop courses for different markers by pulling together Navigator lessons into different units for the competencies in the marker

Organize and Manage libraries

  • Organize content into libraries as required

How to access content metrics

  1. Get access to detailed metrics in Gooru Navigator Library
  2. Get usage metrics by geography, content type, facet, grade/level


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