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Data Privacy in Navigator


The attached document highlights Gooru’s philosophy around ownership of data and how it is handled in the Navigator. Gooru’s privacy policy is published on the website.


  1. Learners and Institutions own their data. All data that is generated in the tenancy of an institution is owned by the institution. Learners proficiency, portfolio, preferences and their metrics such as grit, perseverance, motivation etc. are owned by the learners
  2. Users and Institutions grant permission to Gooru to use the data generated by the users in their tenancy  to curate content and to personalize pathways and make reroute recommendations for the learners
  3. Gooru adheres to privacy requirements defined under FERPA and COPPA. As per FERPA School Official exception, school districts are authorized to share student data with Gooru
  4. Gooru adheres to GDPR compliance requirements. Navigator provides the users the ability to determine how their data is managed within Navigator, determine who has access to their data and request deletion of data (“right to be forgotten”). However, Gooru allows, via FERPA, school districts to manage their students’ data and limit the extent of students’ control over data access and deletion
  5. Gooru has met IMS Global’s requirements for TrustEd certification
  6. Navigator requires minimal data about learners that are deemed Personally Identifiable Information. Navigator requires only First Name, Last Name, Email id and Date of birth at the time of sign-in, and only First Name, Last Name and Email id via roster sync with institutions’ SIS
  7. Here is a summary of the Data and events logged, for detail, please view the attached document
    • Data:
      • Personally Identifiable Information
      • Additional information from SIS
      • Activity Stream Data
      • Computed Attributes for Learner
      • Extracted & Computed Attributes for Content
    • Events:
      • Usage Events
      • Notification Events
      • Route and Reroute Events
      • Add, Edit, Delete Events
      • Diagnostic Events



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