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Data in Navigator – Analytics Events and Metrics for Navigator

Navigator is being used by over 7M students worldwide across K12, HigherEd, Skills and Professional Learning. There is a pipeline of over 40M additional users that Gooru is looking to onboard (more than half of them in the US). Navigator collects extensive amounts of data across disciplines, cohorts and geographies from all learner activity streams. This includes 

  1. User Data
    1. Learner engagement with the learning activity and interactions with peers 
    2. Instructor activity about how they monitor and personalize instruction
    3. Admin activity about how they track and scale success
  2. Disciplines: US K12, Higher Education, Skills Training, Professional Learning
  3. Geographies: US, India, Silicon Valley company with engineers in the US, Brazil, China and India

Gooru makes the data available to researchers when the researchers work with user cohorts and have their permission to access their data. Gooru will provide researchers with access to a research portal from where they can download the following data

  1. Competency frameworks
  2. Learner activity and profile
  3. Coverage, use, engagement, and efficacy of learning resources

Data types and sample reports: In this spreadsheet we are continually adding the data and events we are capturing, including the parameters for each event. There are some example reports with real-world data on the sample reports sheet

Roadmap: In the future, we will enhance the research portal to enable researchers to study the use of Principles of Learning and their impact on personalized suggestions.

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