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Creating a Collection

1. Click on “Library” in the top right corner of your homepage. 

2. Click on “My Content”.

3. Select “Collection” from the blue “Create” drop-down menu.

4. Give your collection a title and click “Create.”

5. This will bring you to the “Edit Collection” page.

To edit the collection’s settings, you can:

  • Click “Update Thumbnail” and select an image from your computer to change the collection cover image.
  • Edit the “Collection Title” if desired
  • Add Learning Objectives
  • Select “K12” then choose the “Subject and Framework,” and select standards to tag the collection
  • Enter Estimated Time to Learn (ETL)

6. To add a new resource to your collection, click the green “New Resource” button.

7.  In the window that opens, enter the resource’s URL web address or upload a file from your computer. When prompted, give your resource a title. The resource type will auto-fill, but in the cases that it doesn’t, click on the correct resource type. Click “Create.”

Note that your resources can be files uploaded from your computer, webpages, videos, interactive sites, audio files, images, or text. You can add as many resources as you want to the collection.

8. To add a question to your collection, click “New Question.”

9. In the window that opens, select the type of question you want to add. Click “Create.”

10. To create your question:

  • Enter a question title
  • Type in the text of the question
  • Click “Create Expression” to add mathematical expressions or symbols
  • Add question images by uploading from your computer
  • Add answer choices
  • Select the correct answer(s)
  • Add an exemplar
  • Click “Save”

Note: You can add as many questions as you want to the collection.

Clicking on the a resource or question allows you to edit it.

11. To tag a resource or question to a specific standard, click on it and then on “More Details”.

12. Scroll down and select a framework and standard. Then, click “Save”.

Your collections are accessible to you at any time in your Library. Click on “My Content” to search.

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