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Create a library of games and simulations for K12 content

  • Description: Games and simulations are a great way to engage students to learn and review concepts in K12 education. In this project, you will find OER games and simulations. You will tag each resource to a standard
  • Skills: Knowledge of national k12 standards to tag content
  • Duration: To seed the library it is 2 weeks of work and then ongoing to add additional resources
  • Who can apply: This project is open to anyone from high school and above, from anywhere in the world.
  • How to apply: If you are interested in this project,
    • Send us an email to
    • With a description of what you propose to do
    • And if possible, some examples of your previous work that is related to this project that we can review.
    • Please mention the name of the project in the subject of the email.

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