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What should Technology Partners (who will use Navigator in closed environment while extending workflows) should be prepared for?

  • Partners need to have an understanding of SSO models and should be using an identity provisioning system that can be configured at Navigator for SSO flows.
  • Partners should be able to share their roster data in OneRoster standards format, or via ClassLink Roster API.
  • Partners should be able to understand competency-based learning models, bring in the frameworks of interest, and be able to map the frameworks to other similar frameworks.
  • Partners should be able to identify, create, and curate content relevant to the competency model of interest; and be able to setup content working together with other NLC Partners.
  • Partners should be able to use shared API that requires an understanding of RESTful services and sync/async mechanisms to extend any workflows in their products to bring Navigator into play.
  • Partners should be able to push data (either as xAPI or Navigator specific data-in format) via shared API.
  • Partners should be able to sync data (either LTI outcomes or xAPI or Navigator specific data-out format) to their system via a shared API model.
  • Partners should be able to design deploy architecture based on guidance from other NLC Partners and should have expertise on AWS services, hosting & infra-manage.