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What are the General Steps in Implementation?

  1. Decide Hosted Vs On-Prem
    Navigator tools can be accessed as a hosted service on Gooru’s platform. Gooru will manage the operations and support of the tools. Alternately, Collaborators can choose to host the Navigator tools in their environments (called On-Premise hosting). On request, Gooru can support with netops for on-premise hosting.
  2. Train your staff
    Training is an important step in the successful implementation of Navigator. We highly recommend you to train your curriculum development, engineering, sales, and implementation staff to be involved in training to use Navigated Learning.
  3. Design Content and Competency Framework
    Navigator allows you to implement existing Navigator courses (currently Math Navigator designed as supplemental course with OER resources) or design your own courses from scratch or from existing content and courses on Navigator. Here are more details on existing content on Navigator and designing content on Navigator.
  4. Roster your Users and start implementing
    Start implementing a part of your course or complete course by rostering your users and giving them access to the course.
  5. Provide Feedback
    Navigator is designed by you and for you. Your continuous feedback helps us improve the Navigator usability.