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Learners & Instructors

What will be/can be the best possible way to track a student’s journey if they switch tenants?

In a course, I can create standalone assessments as well as assessments within collections. So when I set up my tenancy, can I decide, what needs to go into the proficiency test, or does Gooru Navigator pick it up?

How do we select Standards and frameworks for Indian curriculum?

What tool or rubric are you using for the quality assurance of instructional materials?

How is quality implemented and assessed? What is the vetting or review process for content?

Are Gooru resources and courses aligned to state and national standards, and if so, which states and national standards are available?

What is the source of Gooru content? Who authors c?

What is the technology stack of Learning Navigator?

What does it mean to have tenancy on Navigator? What is sub-tenancy?